Exercises and FAQs

Get a Full Body Work Out with the Stay Fit Mini Gym


Shoulder Press

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Can I exercise the same muscle with SFMG on consecutive days?

Yes, you can exercise the same muscle on consecutive days. Just be careful not to overwork it.

Can I increase the SFMG resistance of an exercise?

Yes, to increase the resistance all you have to do is turn the dial to your preferred setting. Resistance goes up to 25 lbs.

Do I need to have eye protection while using SFMG?

Eye protection is always a good precaution. However, it is not necessary. This is simply a matter of personal preference.

How long can I stretch SFMG?

The Stay Fit Mini Gym can stretch to a total length of 7 feet.

What are SFMG made of?

The Stay Fit Mini Gym is made out of metal, rubber and plastic.

Why should I purchase SFMG instead of a competitive brand?

The Stay Fit Mini Gym provides similar results at only a fraction of the cost. Plus, it is easy to use and portable, to help you maintain your fitness no matter where you go.

Do SFMG provide similar results compared to free weights?

Yes, the Stay Fit Mini Gym is simply a more compact version. We have created a product which has resistance that can be adjusted up to the weight equivalent of 25 lbs all in one small hand-held weight.