About Us

Get Fit with the Stay Fit Mini Gym
25 Dumbbells in One!



Stay Fit partnered with a highly respected manufacturing company to build the most advanced,
high quality, durable, miniaturized pulley exercise equipment for the market. Patent pending.

The Stay Fit Mini Gym Story

A few years ago, an entrepreneur was working on other projects and the idea just popped into his head. Wow, he said… “this would be a great invention to help people get fit more conveniently and affordably.”

He thought of several complicated ideas of how to design and make the pulley system work with no success. Years went by and, as he woke up one morning, he heard the word lawnmower in his thoughts. He rose and immediately went to his backyard and pulled the lawnmower starter cord and the rest is history.

Our Vision

Our goal is to make the Stay Fit Mini Gym into a household name, helping bring better health and fitness within the grasp of virtually everyone!

We also want to harness the founder’s entrepreneurial passion to help and empower others with great ideas, great products and great inventions that will help mankind. We want to help others give birth to their products, and help them build awareness and commercial sales success.