Get In Shape from home - the easy way.
Introducing the Stay Fit Mini Gym!

With Stay Fit Mini Gym, you can work out anytime…when and where it’s convenient for your schedule.

Now you can work out and take your gym anywhere you go.

Exercise anywhere…at home, at work, while watching TV, when traveling, in a dorm room, at the beach…anywhere really. Even in the John!

Introducing the Stay Fit Mini Gym. The first of its kind,
pulley-based mini gym that fits in the palm of your hand!

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Product Features

The Stay Fit Mini Gym can be used for weight training,
physical rehabilitation or functional training.

  • Stay Fit Mini Gym consists of a barbell-shaped, heavy duty plastic casing with internal metal parts.
  • Over 100 exercises to be performed on the Stay Fit Mini Gym.
  • The Tension Dial can be adjusted to provide “weight settings” from 1 – 25 pounds.
  • Just turn the tension dial to the desired weight resistance setting.
  • The cables that connect the handles to the two internal recoil pulleys adjust to the weight setting by increasing or decreasing the tension.
  • The base unit comes with versatile handle to enable an assortment of safe, anchor exercise positions.

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Get a Full Body Work Out with the Stay Fit Mini Gym (Over 100 exercises)

Product Accessories

The Stay Fit Mini Gym is more than just a Dumbbell…
It can recreate the workout of several exercise systems.

Get in shape with a variety of product accessories